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You're now visiting the ACPAC portion of our website.  All candidate survey grades, commentary, and responses are that of our independently formed and maintained political action committee and not necessarily those of Arkansas Carry.

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Arkansas Carry formed a PAC (Political Action Committee) in 2012 to help support state and local candidates that support your right to carry.  We will also survey, grade, and endorse candidates for office through this PAC.  If you would like to support candidates that support gun rights in the State of Arkansas we encourage you to consider donating to our PAC.  There is no overhead costs.  Every dollar will go to support candidates running for office.

Would you like to use your tax dollars to help fight the anti-gun crowd? You can donate up to $50 to Arkansas Carry Political Action Committee, and deduct it from the amount of state taxes you pay in. This is not a tax credit that is deducted from the taxable income, this is money that is subtracted from the amount of tax dollars sent to the state.

If you are filing jointly, you can deduct $100 from the amount of money paid to the state. You get your money back when your tax refund is sent. Think about it; you can give that $100 (or $50 if you are single) to the state to use to fight against our right to bear arms, or you can give it to a political action group that utilize these funds to fight gun control legislation and to get pro-gun candidates elected.

Here is a sample of last years tax form to deduct contributions:

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You can also mail donations to the PAC by sending a check or money order to:
ACPAC, PO Box 13219, Maumelle, AR 72113

Join our effort to get Pro-2A candidates elected. 
Visit us at:
Arkansas Carry Political Action Committee